Corporate Experience

  • MAY 2024 - AUG 2024

    Santa Clara

    Deep Learning Intern
    Deep Learning Focus Group
  • JUN 2022 - AUG 2022

    US (Remote)

    Machine Learning Engineering Intern
    ML Health Team
    • End to end development and deployment of a broadly applicable ML model using XGBoost within the account health space
    • Boosted Key performance indicators by 74%. Challenges: Data imbalance, feature sparsity, enormous data, data distribution drift
  • JAN 2020- JUN 2021

    Bangalore, India

    Machine Learning Engineer
    Hewlett-Packard R&D
    R&D Data Science Team
    • Engineered a self-resolution tool for PC issues, with a 3x BLEU score, employing AWD-LSTM and Natural Language Processing.
    • Designed and implemented a dynamic troubleshooting tool for printer issues based on Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Applied optimization strategies to build hardware-efficient and reliable ML models, including a) identifying performance bottlenecks using CUDA Kernel Profiling with NVIDIA Nsight Systems & Compute and b) examining ML models for bias
    • R&D Intern, Machine Learning Team: 01/2020 - 09/2020

Academic Experience

  • Since 2021

    Blacksburg, VA, US

    Graduate Research Assistant
    Virginia Tech
    Kowledge Guided Machine Learning Lab
    • Constructed an algorithm to detect microscopic bacteria cells with a 95% precision by utilizing artificially generated motion and temporal cues for an NSF funded cancer research project. Challenge: Hard to distinguish from background media.
    • Engineered an approach to predict force applied by a human cell on underlying fiber intersections using multi-object detection techniques in Computer Vision like RetinaNet.
    • Established a pipeline to convert phased-out microscopic imagery of human cell environment to fluorescent images using Pix2Pix and formulated statistical techniques to quantify the results
  • AUG 2021 - DEC 2021

    Blacksburg, VA, US

    Graduate Research Assistant
    Virginia Tech
    Informatics Lab, University Libraries
    • Developed a Computer Vision solution to detect plant wilting. Improved performance accuracy by 10% with traditional methods like Support Vector Machines and feature engineering. Challenges: class imbalance, small dataset, images of varying resolutions
  • MAY 2019 - JUL 2019

    Hyderabad, India

    Research Intern
    IIIT Hyderabad
    CVIT Lab
    • Designed and deployed an object recognition tool on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board, funded by Defence Organisation (DRDO), India.
    • Successfully identified landmarks in aerial imagery also from viewpoints different than trained on, using YOLO and Deep Learning

Honors and Awards

  • June 2022
    Grace Hopper Celebration Student Scholar Award
    Issued by and Virginia Tech
  • Dec 2018
    2nd Position at OK Google, Let's Build Hackathon
    Women Tech Makers(WTM) Manipal Winter Fest'18
  • oct 2018
    Best Paper Presentation Award at ICECNS-GOA 2018
  • Oct 2017
    2nd Postion at Advanced Robotics Challenge for Tetris Solving Bot
    World Robot Olympiad Association (WRO)
  • June 2015
    Honourable Mention in United Nations Women Committee
    LMGMUN 2015
  • Jan 2014
    INSPIRE Scholarship
    Issued by MHRD Department, Government of India

Volunteer Work and Leadership

  • 2024
    Reviewer at AAAI'24 and CVPR'24 Workshop
  • 2023
    Reviewer at IJCV
  • 2022
    ML Mentor at
  • 2022
    External Reviewer at KDD
  • DEC 2018 - JAN 2019
    Student Mentor at GirlScript Foundation
    • Mentored 150+ students under the GirlScript Manipal Winter Programme on C++, Java, & Object Detection using OpenCV
  • 2018-2019
    Coding Team Head at RoboManipal
    • Guided a team of 30+ members as Coding Head, RoboManipal, official robotics student project team at MIT, Manipal

Technical Skills

  • DL/AI
    PyTorch, TensorFlow/Keras, Scikit-Learn
  • Coding
    Python, Java, MATLAB
  • Infra
    Linux, Docker, Kubernetes